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Terms and conditions of the "Recommend a candidate for JohnnyBros" programme

§ 1. Programme organiser

  1. The programme organiser is JohnnyBros sp. z o.o. (Polish limited liability company) with its registered office at Strzelecka St. 7B, 80-803 Gdańsk, Statistical Identification Number: 220724510 (REGON), TIN: 2040002265, hereinafter referred to as "JohnnyBros".

§ 2. Subject of the programme

  1. The aim of the programme is to encourage both employees and non-employees and associates of JB to recommend people to work at JohnnyBros Sp. z o.o. according to current recruitment needs. Recommending candidates for employment at JohnnyBros (hereinafter: Candidates) for selected positions (as defined in § 6, para 2), is understood as sharing by the recommenders with their friends the individual application form received from Johnnybros, through which the Candidate applies and sends his Curriculum Vitae (CV).
  2. These terms and conditions set out the rules for JohnnyBros' cooperation with participants recommending Candidates.
  3. A cash amount ("Referral Bonus" or Bonus") is awarded to the person referring the Candidate under the terms of these Terms and Conditions.

§ 3. Duration of programme

  1. The programme starts on 1 April 2023 and is not time-limited.
  2. In justified cases, JohnnyBros has the right to change the rules of the Programme regarding the duration, limitations, and method of payment of the Referral Bonus.
  3. JohnnyBros may decide to terminate it at any time. If, by the date of termination of the programme, not all conditions entitling its participants to the bonus have been fulfilled, the bonus, in this case, shall not accrue to the Participant (as defined in § 4).

§ 4. Programme participants

  1. Any natural person of legal age can become a participant in the programme.
  2. Any natural person of legal age can become a participant in the programme, by recommending a familiar Candidate to work at JohnnyBros in response to the advertisements published on the website (hereinafter: the JohnnyBros website) or independently of the demand of JohnnyBros expressed in the form of advertisements visible on the JohnnyBros website.
  3. Taking part in the programme implies acceptance of these rules setting out the principles of the programme.
  4. Persons who do not fulfill the conditions set out in the Terms and Conditions and persons who provide false data about themselves or a recommended candidate will be excluded by the Organiser from participation in the Programme, which will be equivalent to losing the right to the Bonus payment.

§ 5. Rules of participation in the programme

  1. To participate in the program, you must apply using the form on or via the "WYŚLIJ" or "SEND" button (depending on the language version of the website).
  2. The participant is obliged to read the Information Clause at concerning his/her rights in relation to the protection of personal data processed by JohnnyBros.
  3. At the email address provided in the form, the Participant will receive a unique, assigned link from JohnnyBros. This link is shared/sent by the Participant to the Candidate or Candidates he/she wishes to recommend. The application completed by the Candidate will be automatically assigned to the Participant from whom the link was received.
  4. A programme participant can recommend any number of candidates.
  5. The candidate must have the required qualifications and experience in the areas indicated in the advertisement as part of JohnnyBros' recruitment drive.

§ 6. Rules for granting the Referral Bonus

  1. The bonus is awarded for referring a Candidate for positions marked on the JohnnyBros website with the reference "Referral Bonus".
  2. In case the Candidate on the date of the referral is or has ever been already registered in the JohnnyBros candidate database, the bonus is due if, within the last 24 months, the Candidate has not participated in any recruitment conducted by JohnnyBros nor has JohnnyBros been contacted for other purposes, especially recruitment.
  3. The Bonus amount indicated in § 7, para 2. is only due for the referred Candidate with whom JohnnyBros has established an employment relationship or cooperation contract.
  4. The value of the Bonus depends on the Candidate's experience as at the date of commencement of employment (cooperation) with JohnnyBros. In the case of discrepancies between the information in the CV and the facts, in particular when the information in the Candidate's CV is untrue JohnnyBros has the right to refuse to accept the recommendation and not to grant the Bonus or to grant it in a different, lower amount if the discrepancy is not significant.
  5. If the Candidate is employed by JohnnyBros, the Applicant (Participant) will receive a Bonus of the value specified in § 7, para 2. of these Terms and Conditions.
  6. The recommendation is valid for 12 months from the date of the Candidate's CV submission. After this period, if a relationship with the recommended Candidate is established, the referral bonus will not be granted.
  7. The recommending person - Participant on request will be informed by JohnnyBros of the current status of the Candidate he/she has submitted and the stage of recruitment he/she is at. In the event of a decision to hire the Candidate, he/she will be informed immediately of this fact and of the amount of Bonus due to him/her.
  8. If a Candidate submits a CV via a form originating from more than one Participant, the bonus will be awarded to the Participant through whose link the Candidate first applied and submitted the CV. The date on which the Candidate submits the CV to JohnnyBros will therefore be decisive.
  9. Within 5 working days of receipt of the Candidate's CV, JohnnyBros will contact the Candidate to verify the required experience. In the case that the referred Candidate does not confirm the required qualifications and work experience, the Referral Bonus for the indicated position will not be granted.

§ 7. Payment of bonus

  1. The bonus will be paid on the basis of a signed contract of mandate with the referring person - Participant and a VAT invoice or bill issued by him/her . The bonus will be paid out in two tranches:
    • a) 50% after the recommended Candidate takes up employment with JohnnyBros.
    • b) 50% after the recommended Candidate has worked a 3 month probationary period at JohnnyBros. If the Candidate is employed within 3 months or less, the second part of the Bonus will not be paid.
  2. The bonus amount is set at:
    • a) 4000-7000 PLN gross for establishing cooperation with a candidate with a narrow specialization who meets the requirements of the position
    • b) 5000-7000 PLN gross for engaging with a candidate with a minimum of 2 years of commercial experience required for the position
    • c) 10,000 PLN gross for engaging with a candidate with a minimum of 5 years of commercial experience required for the position
  3. The amount of the bonuses is determined for the position on the basis of the profile and is stated in the advertisement in each case.
  4. The participant in the programme is obliged, within 7 days of receiving the Bonus decision, to send to the data necessary for the preparation of the mandate contract, bill or VAT invoice. After this time, JohnnyBros has the right not to pay the Bonus.
  5. Payment of the bonus will be made within 14 days of the signing of the mandate contract or VAT invoice.
  6. It is not possible to transfer the right to the bonus to third parties.

§ 8. Other provisions

  1. The Organiser reserves the right to amend the Rules, including the right to change the duration of the Programme.
  2. Changes to the Terms and Conditions will be announced on the JohnnyBros website.
  3. Disputes related to the interpretation of the Regulations or issues not covered by the Regulations shall be resolved by the Organiser.
  4. In matters not covered by these Rules, the provisions of the Civil Code shall apply.