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We're based in the Tricity area in Poland, and thus our work is based on three pillars - Design, Development and SEO. By ensuring every project is strongly propped by these three pillars, we guarantee our work ends up being simply great.

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Regardless of whether you renovate your bathroom, buy a new car, or design simple graphics for an article - badly selected items can be damaging. Aesthetics, usability and appropriate detail matching are common denominators in all our projects.

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Development Johnnybros


We create web applications mainly using Ruby on Rails and JavaScript technologies. We put great emphasis on optimisation and do our best to make the resulting code concise, logical and functional.

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SEO Johnny-bros


High positions in search engines are achieved through our own strategy, which we're constantly improving and adapting to the current standards. This makes us one of the leaders in the SEO world.

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