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SEO Experts

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We are an IT company and the global leader in SEO innovations. Our team of 120 specialists successfully creates, develops and optimizes web applications whose main users are sports enthusiasts.

We believe that a well-coordinated team is the foundation of any company, that is why, apart from professionalism and passion, we care about a friendly atmosphere. We assume that success is a team sport and we all have the same goal.

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We’re innovation and passion-driven

We use our own methodology and the broadly understood know-how of network technologies. For over 10 years, we have been developing our leading product - the JohnnyBet website, which was created out of our passion for sport. It engages, educates and supports the best tipsters from around the world in responsible game.

years on the market
Team members
different nationalities of our team members
daily dose of corny jokes

We create a culture that makes us unique. Check out our values:


The number of satisfied users of our applications is growing every day. We are constantly developing and improving our products to fulfil the needs of the users even more effectively.


Innovation and proactivity

We constantly monitor and follow global trends ... but we also create our own. We like changes; we allow ourselves to experiment. We know that when the team develops, the entire company develops as well.


Trust and Honesty

We can rely on one another. Mutual trust and honesty make us feel comfortable at work.



We know that 11 world-class forwards won’t win a match. Diversified competences and effective information exchange are the foundation of a successful project.



We have an honest and robust approach to work. We recognize and appreciate the contribution of all team members. We respect different opinions and views.


Empathy and solidarity

We see and respond to the needs of others. We run a foundation that continues the charity work we have been doing for many years.


JohnnyBros Foundation

In 2021, we established a foundation to continue our long-term prosocial and charity activities.

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johnnybros charities number
40+ actions carried out
funds provided for the purposes of the foundation
8 000 000 PLN of funds provided to those in need
beneficiaries of the johnnybros foundation
100+ partners and beneficiaries
Number of charity auctions won
20+ charity auctions won
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